What we do

We connect people to education, health care, and economic resources.

Proceed Inc revitalizes the St. Paul community with much-needed economic, education, and healthcare resources so that the people in our community can flourish.

How we Help our Community

Do you Need Help Finding a Job?

We are there for you in every step of the employment process, including resume writing, job searches, and job fairs. We help people find employment opportunities no matter their education or criminal history.

Education Resources for Urban Youth

We provide our community with educational resources for all ages. We have five educational programs to guide urban youth to make good choices in the future: Progressive Early Childhood Education Center, a long-term relationship with Skylearn Educational Software Company. Tutoring lab for Eastside youth that in the past has been staffed with U of M students, Page scholars, and Progressive members. We hold an annual college fair and a college tour for students and parents. We also have a partnership with the Minnesota STEM Partnership

Youth Enrichment Programs

We offer programs such as robotics, the tutorial lab, Girl Scouts, the stepping troop, and summer camps to enrich our youth. Proceed Inc runs a series of summer camps and partnerships with other organizations during the summer.

Making a Difference with Healthcare

Over 15 years ago, Proceed Inc. implemented a health program to address the notable health disparities within the African American community. This problem is particularly acute in St. Paul, MN community. The problem is called a “Healthcare Desert” by healthcare providers and others since there is no health clinic within 5 miles. We partnered with MHealth Fairview to place a fully functional clinic in its youth complex. Along with our wrap-around services, this clinic will go a long way to help community members find primary care and get the healthcare they need. Secondly, in conjunction with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, the Fishes & Loaves Food Shelf (TEFAP certified) brings healthy and organic foods to children and adults in the urban core.

Civic Community and Events

Proceed Inc. has hosted some of the city’s most important civic, cultural, and community events. Our new complex will enable us to expand its tradition and multicultural conversations tradition. Some of the events already hosted on-site are the Chief of Police Forum, St. Paul Superintendent Forum, QuinceaƱeras, Community Healing event with death of Philando Castile, Hmong Political Pac, Voting Site, etc.